Manual greasing goes digital!

Let your equipment guide you and avoid expensive repairs of your mission critical machinery.

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The expensive problem we solve

Billions of devices, some often mission critical, depend on manual greasing by machine operators. This century old manual lubrication process still has not been updated. Operators receive no lubrication feedback and no machine data, causing under- and over-lubrication. This is costing companies millions of dollars a year in downtime and repairs.

    Over or under lubrication
    Machine downtime
    Expensive repairs
    Under-performance (OEE potential)

"Return on Uptime" (RoU) thanks to Grizit

Grizit provides a turnkey solution that uses IOT and data analysis to shoot this crucial process to the 21st century. By easily installing intelligent Grizit grease fittings and a Grizit grease pump extension, technicians and plant management get instant feedback from the machine in order to keep it in the best running condition possible.

Operators become “machinery doctors” with the right tools to help maintain your machinery in the healthiest condition possible. OPEX, CAPEX and insurance costs will drop significantly! Operators and technicians will grow their confidence with more insights.
Let your equipment guide you, instead of you working on expensive repairs of your mission critical machinery.

We offer

    A guaranteed correct lubrication process
    Innovation that boosts predictive maintenance
    Unprecedented insights in seconds
    Unexploited data to avoid machine failure

Why Choose Us

Hyper intelligentmanual greasing

Provide your operators with smart tools to fully support them during lubrication activity and expand their vision with insights in the machine status.

Fastest improvement of your uptime and/or OEE

Harvest the power of unprecedented data to boost your machine availability. 

Plug & play+ low to no training

By using innovative IIoT technology, the solution allows an easy and fast installation with minimum training required for use.

Grizit Solution

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The intelligent grease fitting appears like a classic grease fitting but is equipped with electronics to provide a unique ID and a built-in temperature sensor to the fitting.
Any existing grease fitting can easily be replaced by our intelligent grease fitting.


- Super strong- Miniaturized- Zero maintenance (no internal battery)

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The intelligent grease head allows real-time communication with the operator. By changing the colors in the transparent head, the operator is guided to perform in the most optimal way. Secondly, all activities are registered including machine data such as pressure and temperature. 


Makes the lubrication process smart by detecting and interacting on:- timestamp(s)- smart nipple ID- flow- pressure- temperature- GPS location (outside use)

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Plan, organise and stay on top of how and when lubrication activities have been performed. Create predictive insight in equipment status:


Organise and combine lubrication task in the best possible way, by using a graphical plant layout.

- Reporting on the quality of manual lubrication activities. - Reporting on equipment status- Deviation reporting- Create predictive insights based on data gathered from the equipment during greasing- API for software integration


Grizit is committed to help you become successful. Our excellence does not lie solely in the uniqueness of our technology. The quality of our services post installation is just as important. Our experts help ensure maximum uptime and productivity of your system.


Grizit Helpdesk

Registered customers get online support and personal attention from our experts.

Grizit in action


Sample use cases

  • Industries

    Grizit is a great asset in industries relying on an accurate lubrication process to maintain their equipment in the best condition: ● industrial manufacturing industry ● transportation industry ● steel industry ● cement and mining industry● paper & pulp industry ● food & beverage industry● construction industry● agriculture industry ● ...

  • Mission critical machines/vehicles

    Grizit is an important asset for machinery and vehicles that require regular greasing to work uninterrupted and avoid breakdowns:
    ● automobiles● vessels● aircrafts● industrial and construction vehicles

  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure equipment such as: ● water locks● bridges● rail switches● field pumps


Business benefits

  • Increase equipment and plant reliability

    With Grizit, you will be able to increase the lifetime of your equipment, improve your efficiency, reduce your operational costs and prevent failures.

  • Assure an early stage intervention

    By reading machine data during lubrication, you can detect unwanted variations in an early stage and take action before actual damage occurs.

  • Predict & prevent

    With Grizit, operators and plant management get insights in the machine in order to keepit in the best condition possible and to assure an early stage intervention.
    With Grizit, real-time communication with the operator takes place through coloration of the grease head during the activity. Furthermore, Grizit provides reporting dashboards for the central management that deliver an overview on the lubrication activities and predictive data insights.
    Operators and management will be able to prevent unexpected breakdowns and downtimes. This will improve the overall efficiency of your company.

  • Profitability

    The costs of repairs to expensive equipment/machines or the downtime costs of production restart can be enormous.
    With Grizit, you keep the plant up and running at all times and prevent these downtimes that cause monetary losses. This will reduce your operation costs and will have a positive effect on your profitability.


Other stakeholders

  • Service company or integration partner

    Grizit can be a great asset for companies active in or related to the maintenance sector where the intelligent grease fitting allows a high level of synergy with their service offerings.

  • Leasing company

    Grizit is a great asset for rental companies that provide equipment requiring lubrication. As a rental company, you are responsible for the maintenance and proper functioning of the loaned equipment. With Grizit, you will be able follow up and monitor the rented equipment.

  • Insurance company

    Grizit is a great asset for insurance companies that ensure equipment requiring lubrication. These insurance companies will be able track and monitor their insured devices.
    With Grizit, Leasing companies get undisputed proof of the maintenance level applied to equipment they assure for.

Increase yourReturn On Uptime (RoU)

Calculate the impact on the company's profitability for not doing it first time right. Our tool will assist you in your investment decisions.

Grizit onboarding service

Analysis of your business case

Together, we will discuss your business case and identify how Grizit can be an asset for your business case. First we look at the current practice and organization of the maintenance tasks. Secondly we mindmap a preferred situation and analyze how to integrate intelligent lubrication.

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Your business case

Inventory analysis

Return on Uptime

Offer and order

Set-up and training

Operate & service

For whom

Operators become lubrication experts with direct support and feedback from the greasing activity. Managers get feedback from human activity and machine status to prevent mechanical downtime.

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Maintenance or Reliability manager

Get detailed information on the daily lubrication activity and optimize its efficiency. Get unprecedented insights in correlations between machine status and grease quality.

Award "Best Service Provider"

Operations manager

Get the maximum up-time out of your equipment. Avoid production loss due to unforeseen equipment failure. 

Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"

Technician or Operator

You are a crucial link in the process towards obtaining maximum reliability. Grizit will provide you with smart tools to support you.

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About us

Grizit is an imec.istart company that offers an innovative solution in the field of maintenance 4.0. With Grizit, any type of manual lubrication activity can be improved and managed by reporting data from the equipment to management via IIoT. This avoids mechanical problems,and (unexpected) downtime.The idea arose from knowledge of the needs and priorities of the industry, built up through the years of practical experience of its founders.


Rohalt Degeest FounderCo-owner

Rohalt Degeest has 17 years of B2B experience in industrial digitization and engineering. Over the past 6 years, he has built a Belgian office for a Dutch engineering company. Previously, he was actively involved in the internationalization of a Belgian SME for their MES and MOM software platform and helped build the Belgian entity for a Dutch distributor of GE Fanuc Industrial Software Solutions.Based on his experience with software and digital applications in industry 4.0, Rohalt supplied Grizit with the input to develop a hands-on, performant solution fully tailored to the needs of the maintenance industry.


Hans De WaeleCo-Owner

Hans De Waele has 30 years of experience with international industrial deployments in combination with New Product Development. More recently, he focused on Value Chain improvements for companies with growth and profitability optimization initiatives. As co-owner, his experience will lead Grizit in developing customer relations, improving products and setting-up the organization while bringing-up the best in people. He will ensure that Grizit in becoming a growth company with an international footprint.

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